Institutional Affiliations

Professional Affiliations

  • ASTE : Association for Science Teacher Education
  • NARST : National Association for Research in Science Teaching
  • NAFE: National Association for Female Executives
  • NSTA : National Science Teachers Association
  • ASCD : Association for Supervision & Curriculum Development 

Education Programs That Need Your Sponsorship!

67f6b7_359b1b1217b6941736951f3e3ac761ee.jpg_srz_325_275_85_22_0.50_1.20_0Girls Going Global –  A program created by a Spelman University graduate aiming to expose African American girls to the cultures of the world through opportunities to travel.


PK8XWSp7GoEnnounce –  A social media platform where students can share all school-related updates with relatives and friends and fundraise for any expenses. 


o46_12_82-mPetals & Belles – An NYC 501 (c) (3) dedicated to mentoring young girls through a combination of mentoring, creative workshops, social experiences and academic coaching. 


10471867_246369485562672_444315304_aPivotal Lit – A financial literacy org dedicated to empowering youth & adults in underserved communities through workshops in budgeting, saving, college preparation and retirement planning. 


Education Consultants & Colleagues