With more than 15 years experience in the science classroom, Dr. Grimes remains dedicated to improving the teaching and learning at the middle, secondary and university levels.

She works within urban schools alongside students, teachers, with graduate institutions, professors and independent writers.

She is committed to improving educational praxis and expanding experiences for youth and adults in the science classroom. Dr. Grimes is known for her rigorous work ethic as well as for presenting data clearly, offering innovative uses of technology, making practical recommendations, and providing exceptional client service. Her skills & abilities include:

    • Knowledge of educational objectives, techniques & philosophies
    • Knowledge of the principles and practices associated with curricula planning & instructional methods in middle & secondary education
    • Expertise in Middle & High School STEM teacher training
    • Ability to conduct & participate in workshops, in-service education presentations & public meetings on a range of topics including coteaching, differentiated instruction, & mainstreamed instruction
    • Knowledge of charter school application process
    • Ability to evaluate program-grant applications relating to evaluation, research, and assessment designs and make recommendations accordingly.Ability to maintain records, and prepare reports and correspondence related to the work 
    • Experience editing (manuscripts, theses, proposals & other pertinent academic documents)
    • Expert resume & cover letter review/editing
    • Ability to address effective technology integration in middle & secondary education
    • Experience in school accreditation & review

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